Saturday, 21 May 2011

To Beer or not to Beer

Now most gamers will freely admit to beer being a large part of their gaming experience, but how much of it? Is it limited to a few drinks between games or do you ritually have a beer with every game? Or does it go further, do you go for a 'session' with the lads afterwards? I know I fall in the latter category, my clubmates would probably say I even go above and beyond that, however that's another story. Lately however recently I have found that it maybe effecting my homelife side of the hobby. Now I would be the first to admit I suffer from that awful disease known as 'shiny thing syndrome' I am not alone in this I know but how many of you find that it's effects magnify when you have a drink or two on a Saturday night? The Sunday morning is like the proverbial walk of shame, you come down the stairs head pounding and all you can think is 'what the fuck did I buy/bid on last night.' or is it worse than that, do you suddenly have models turn up in the post you have no recollection of buying? No oh well it must just be me. Anyway it's all good until my darling wife looks at the bank statement.

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