Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Directors Cut

So here I sit three day after my first tournament of the year, the meat and alcohol have finally seeped out of my body and I am capable of coherent speech. So my thoughts on Dominion Day IV 'The Directors Cut' ItWasFuckinAwesome.(Oops looks like I haven't quite recovered) I am not going to bother you with in-depth reports for all of my battles because they are available else where but mostly because I can't remember :)
Anyway the tournament was fantastically well run, yet I expected nothing else from the Northern Wasters, they seem to excel at the little things. Sausage rolls on arrival along with copious amounts of Coffee,tea etc, the perfect hangover cure. Then the gaming began So I was lucky with my first draw John Stowe a man I count as a Friend and the master of whiskeyhammer a very easy game to sip at and slide my way into the tournament. Then came lunch.Hmmmm I dread to think of the calorie count that constituted a whole fry wrapped between two slices of soda bread, delicious.So with a full stomach I dived back into the gaming against the bye buster my tourney drinking partner and the only man I know who can play with any army you give him Ivan. My third game was against another guy who I have played before Luke however he decided to play 'Nids as opposed to the Blood Angels I last met. This meant the end of the first day and unsurprisingly I was last on the table with three losses, but Meh who cares it was great craic.Then the festivities began, Beer, Chinese, Beer, I end up in a strange bar with more alcohol then I get deserted by mate briefly before his return, all the while getting my accent mocked by a woman I have never met, followed by a ride home to a wife who isn't to keen on letting me in. Surprisingly though I wake in the morning with just a sickly feeling that will come back and bite later in the day.So the second day starts and I start against another club member Row who in annihilates me with his Thunder Puppies. Now lunch was served and my Hangover kicked in with avengence, have you ever had a mixed grill? I bet you've never had a Wasters mixed grill, Edmund Hilary would have had trouble scaling it, It was massive and lovely all at the same time, a total paradox.(BTW I finished mine) So with a satisfied quiet hall we all entered the last game. I was fighting for the wooden spoon and was worried when I drew another chaos opponent in a kill points game. Luckily my sorcerer couldn't have hit the wide side of the barn. From the inside. and I suffered my last loss of the weekend against Richard Willis, and that was it game over. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Jonny who came third but demoted himself to fourth for an unpainted army. The Northern Wasters proved themselves again as the experts in running a tournament and I can't wait till DDV where I can defend my title.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Year so far

So two months into the year, and how is my hobby progressing? Welllll I have played one game of 40k I so hope the year doesn't continue like this. I have also painted like a maniac including 16 completed miniatures and 29 half finished although I have bought 52 hmmmmmn not a good record, oh well I do hear that you cannot die until you have painted everything. As far as reading goes I got stuck on Fallen Angels, not a great read and not by a long shot the best book of the Horus Heresy oh well plenty more books on the shelf. On a plus side my local gaming group has decided to start playing GorkaMorka so the boyz have come out to play once again.