Wednesday, 13 October 2010

No more Mister nice guy

I don't tend to be a very outspoken guy, I prefer to keep myself to myself and I will avoid conflict at all costs. However there is one subject, to which I will stand up and make my feelings known. Tournaments. In particular my reaction tends to be against people who moan and berate the competitive attitude players take to tournaments. Yeah I don't get it either, but they are out there. Now when I butt heads against these types my usual response is to tell them to go home and whine to their mummies about how unfair the world is. Yet a recent experience at a tournament made me even more sure that my stance is right and just. I was at a tournament last weekend which just so happened to be my first ever 'Fantasy' tourney and even with my complete ignorance to the system and army with which I was playing I couldn't have had more fun with such friendly people.
To make matters even better (or worse as it will become clear) I happened to be the only player who had a game with the 'buy ball', which unsurprisingly I lost. However I was offered the 15-5 win to add to my score which for some god awful reason I turned down. AGGGHHHH why did I do that? Oh wait its because I am an honest gamer playing friendly games at friendly tournaments. So to all the naysayers stick that in your pipe and smoke it