Saturday, 21 May 2011

To Beer or not to Beer

Now most gamers will freely admit to beer being a large part of their gaming experience, but how much of it? Is it limited to a few drinks between games or do you ritually have a beer with every game? Or does it go further, do you go for a 'session' with the lads afterwards? I know I fall in the latter category, my clubmates would probably say I even go above and beyond that, however that's another story. Lately however recently I have found that it maybe effecting my homelife side of the hobby. Now I would be the first to admit I suffer from that awful disease known as 'shiny thing syndrome' I am not alone in this I know but how many of you find that it's effects magnify when you have a drink or two on a Saturday night? The Sunday morning is like the proverbial walk of shame, you come down the stairs head pounding and all you can think is 'what the fuck did I buy/bid on last night.' or is it worse than that, do you suddenly have models turn up in the post you have no recollection of buying? No oh well it must just be me. Anyway it's all good until my darling wife looks at the bank statement.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Why do the Dice Gods hate me?

So I played my brother in law again, now he has a limited amount of eldar so I changed the points limit to 750. Guess what I lost again. Now don't get me wrong I'm not moaning about it, it really was a great game a real close match at times. My two terminator squads chewed through three of his five units. I even thought things were going my way when he fluffed most of his 'to hit' rolls in the shooting phases but it wasn't to be. Now a fellow club mate described me on a public forum as the unluckiest man alive, however I'm not sure if this is exactly true. Maybe there is some sort of divine being who watches over all the dice being rolled, but how do I appease him? Is he a loving God who reacts to dice being treated with love and kindness? Or his he a vengeful God who thrives on acts of violence? Should I carry out a ritual sacrifice before each game and slaughter a single D6. Hmmmm that would be an interesting conversation before each game.
Opponent: Why do you have that hammer?
Me: Oh I am going to carry out a sacrifice before we start.
Opponent: Really in that case I forfeit.
Me: Awesome I win.

Now perhaps that is the way forward. :)

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Funhammer the Sequel

So I went to my brother in laws for another game of 40k, however this time I upped the points limit to 1500 as it was just the two of us. Big mistake...... To paraphrase Darth Vader the pupil has become the master. Perhaps it is my fault, the first rule of combat is never under estimate your enemy, yet I took a soft list. I may as well have taken a knife to a gunfight. That and the dice gods turned there back on me yet again. (Damn you, you fiends.) Anyways back to the game, it was Seize ground with three objectives and the standard twelve inch deployment. As for lists I took
5 man Scout squad, Heavy Bolter, 3 Sniper rifles
Two Terminator Squads with Assault Cannons

Dreadnought MultiMelta, Droppod
Two Devastator squads with 4 Missile Launchers
Predator Las-Cannon Sponsoons
Landspeeder Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon
Like I said a soft list.
Now my oppo took an unexpected foot slogging Eldar list, which had a liitle bit of everything.
Farseer and Warlocks
3 units of Pathfinders (God I hate these when they have a 2 up cover save.)
5 Fire dragins with an Exarch
5 Banshees with an Exarch
5 Dark Reapers with an Exarch and Maugen Ra
Wraith lord
there were various liitle extras for each unit and I hate them all equally :) Now as far as an actual battle report goes that is still beyond me, I still get to involved in the game to take down notes, but the things that stick in my mind are the failure of my Ternies and Dreadnought to come down till turn four, and Pathfinders that would not DIE.........................
Oh well s**t happens, next time I will take a harder list. The gloves are well and truly off.