Thursday, 10 March 2011

For Sale One Life

I saw a thread over on 'The Overlords' (check them out ) the other day, it was an eBay link that seemed to be for one persons lifetime collection of miniatures. Now this made me think. I have over the last fifteen years or so accumulated a lot of lead of which I have sold a few items here and there and lost a damn site more, yet I still have 4 complete 40k armies 2 fantasy armies a mid war FoW army and 4 blood bowl teams, as well as a number of smaller armies and forces for up to a dozen other systems. I also have almost fifteen years of various related magazines. So how would you get rid of it all? Now obviously I don't mean physically but how do you let it all go?
Last year I had a crisis of faith, I looked at my life and realised I was knocking on thirty yet I still played with toy soldiers and toy guns. (I airsoft as well. ) Yet even then I couldn't bear to part with any of it. I just shut the door of my man cave and went about my life. Perhaps it's just as well, as just like a bad penny my hunger and passion for the hobby returned which meant I didn't have to go and buy a whole new army or three. Maybe that's why I didn't let them go, perhaps in some small part of my mind I was thinking about the costs, I am pretty sure my wife was :).
So could you get rid of everything? I know I couldn't, even if I had to get rid of it all I am sure that somewhere in my house maybe lurking in a drawer or behind the sofa, would be a single lone space marine, who would eventually reappear just to reignite my love for the game.