Thursday, 16 September 2010

So much stuff So little time

My first skytrex planes arrived today,this bought a sudden realisation that I have an addiction. No not a bad one but I am addicted to 'Plastic Crack' (or metal as the case may be.) A quick perusal of my man cave will reveal countless unfinished projects, a veritable aladdins cave of miniatures. Is this normal? I know I am not unique in this wierd behaviour there are plenty of other gamers who though they may not admit it, have too many models sat awaiting the loving care and attention they deserve. The wierdest part has to be the fact that even though I will never get them all painted, I still buy more. I even buy different systems, maybe thats why I have hit breaking point, why the fog that has obscured this monstrous pile has been lifted. So my fellow gamers I stand before you today and declare that I will break this habit. With that in mind I pledge that I will not buy anymore miniatures and use my time to give all those poor insignificant toy soldiers the TLC the need. ther is one wee clause to this declaration, I have stated that in a previous post that I intend to try and qualify for this years ETC, for the time being I will be using Skaven, but there is a chance that nearer the time I will need to change my army selection to suit the needs of the team. Oh my God I am addicted, already I am making excuses so that I can get my fix.
 And now for the obligatory picture

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  1. You know the rule is you can't die until you finish your wargaming projects.
    I'm immortal