Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I see what you did there

WYSIWYG. (What You See Is What You Get.) It isn't hard to understand is it? So why do some gamers think it's OK not to adhere to it? I would understand if it regularly required obscene amounts of GS work, or vasts amounts of scratch-building, but 99% of the time it doesn't. There is nothing more irritating than ignoring an enemy unit you believe can't do any harm, just to find out that at the critical moment it has an Icon or Locator Beacon allowing that unit to deep strike and mash your Land Raider into the ground. AAAARGH. Now don't get me wrong I'm not some kind of rules lawyer, when you are playing practice games in a local club environment proxying units is OK. No one wants to spend money on units they later realise they will never use, but when it is competitive surely even the worst gamer can understand the common decency in WYSIWYG. Or maybe I am playing the game all wrong? Maybe it is all about the win? In my next game maybe I will fore go all of the moral obligations that make me not only a compassionate gamer but also a decent human being. Win at all costs will be my catchphrase and then again maybe not, as I know deep down it is not who I am. 9 times out of 10 I will give my opponent a buy when they forget to roll for reserves or when they declare an assault I will let them shoot the unit they forgot.

Looking at the above it becomes startling clear why I sometimes don't do so well at tournaments, but of course I am a nicer person because of it.


  1. People at tournaments without WISIWIG armies is a pet hate of mine as well.
    After 3 games it's hard for me to remember my army let alone that all the guy's with thunderhammers in your army have flamers and all the painted melta's are melta's but the unpainted melta's are actually lascannon.

    Screw that for a game of soldiers, it's just not fun and it makes the game harder for me to play just cause you're a lazy git.

    If you go to a tournament give your opponents the respect of bring a fully painted WISIWIG army

  2. I have (paintstakingly) converted my entire space wolf army to represent a great company Lost to Slaanesh . Im a highly competitive Gamer and I apreciate wysiwig as much as the next guy, but I think its important you dont stifle ppls creativity .There is a BIG difference between the guy who has painted his bolter red to represent a melta and the guy who has customised/converted(ie.put in effort) his armys gear.
    for eg my long fangs dont have missile launchers they have converted sonic weapons . now that said I always make copys of my lists for my opponent and I will happily explain what every conversion is pre game , but I think its important people dont get to over zealous about wysiwig.

    the conversions help add to the ''theme'' of my army , am I gona change them to normal missiles just because you cant remember or are too lazy to ask/read my list? , err nope lol..

    Just my .02 euro,
    Farseer Dave.

  3. Thats a fair point, there is no problem with conversions. The main issue is when players do paint a bolter ed and say it's a melta or even worse when they make no effort at all aprt from writing the item on the army list

  4. Dave,
    I've got plenty of conversions in my armies. I love seeing cool armies. I started out as a painter and moved into being competitive without I hope losing my love for good armies.
    I was expecting to get flack for my ork Humvee. It's largely scratch build and it uses a bunch of GW parts. I've never had a problem. Because it's approx the same size as the normal trukk, it's clear what it is and 90% of the people that see it think it's cool.

    Good conversions painted well are not a problem.

    For an example I'll pick on Mike Brown, I've talked to him in person about it so it's not going to be a surprise to him. He's got a chimera body tank converted up for his chaos IG. It's a nice conversion, it's got exorcist style pipes and an alter. I've played him a few times where it has been different counts as tanks. No problem. There's one of them to keep track of and it's pretty easy to remember.

    If on the other hand he had say 5 converted tanks with deamon bits dripping off them and mad conversions and they were all a different type of tank ? I'd be hoping for some WISIWIG weapons in the mix to make it possible for an opponent to figure out.

    For what it's worth converted sonic weapons for long fangs sound great. But I figure you can get where I'm coming from when I say I'd be less than impressed by converted sonic weapons where blue are plasma, red are missile launchers and the green one is a lascannon.

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