Sunday, 16 January 2011


How much are you involved in the game you play? Have you ever actually read your codex? This may seem to be a strange question but it is a relevant one, six weeks without playing any games has given me time to look at the hobby as a whole and I have became aware of the massive amount of 'fluff' there is. This may seem odd coming from a man who has been gaming for too long and who has read a lot of the BL novels but there it is, maybe it is the scene in which I play the local gamers are very tournament biased so there is little to no place for 'fluff' but I have found a new lease of life and a completely different perspective to gaming. I have decided to go back to my beloved Dark Angels and now the game is all about what I want to use, not what is most effective!

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  1. LOL
    Welcome to the wonderful world of the background. Just don't try and reconcile the performance of Mad Larkin and your IG flash light wielding plebs.

    I recommend reading brotherhood of the snake as a wonderful bit of writing and story but it'll make your brain bleed if you try and translate what one marine does in the book to what one marine can do on the game table :)